Thursday, July 9, 2015

I'm back For More!

I recently realized that many of us gave up on this blog, going on 3 years ago. So I've been reading it again, because I am in need of some inspiration.

      I reached my goal weight, in August of 2012. It is nearly August of 2015, and I have gained 25 of the 60lbs I lost back. A recent visit to my doctor, while pleasant, due to having really good overall numbers, made me feel like a failure for having backslid. I have a whole host of excuses, by the way...but I'll spare you. There is no real excuse.

     In the three years since my loss, I have completely changed the entire course of my life, and have watched a number of my friends start losing weight, and attribute their inspiration to do so, to me. It is very heartwarming to see and hear these stories, and I hope some of them will contribute and re-ignite some discussions here.

    I have many people who inspired me, and hope that hearing from some people who have been struggling, and some who have been succeeding, and some who are holding their own, will help me put my frustration in perspective.

Time to get back to business.

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